Obama campaign teaches you to ‘come out’ to your parents

Lately, the Barack Obama campaign and its supporters have adopted the tenor of an awkward heart-to-heart between family members.

Yesterday, the campaign sent out an email urging young voters to have “The Talk” with their folks, explaining why they’re going for Obama and pleading with their parents to do the same.

“It can be difficult to bring up the subject,” reads the email. “Breaking the ice can be hard.” It then provides a list of talking points, including links to the senator’s positions on foreign policy and health care.

Now a Jewish political action committee called the Jewish Council For Education and Research has taken a similar tone with its pro-Obama campaign, pleading with young Jews to sit down with their right-leaning pro-Israel grandparents and ask them to vote for Obama.

Called “The Great Schlep,” the campaign has signed on Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman to entreat Jews to travel to Florida and speak with “Bubbe” or “Zaide” about Obama. Silverman’s hilarious video compares a grandmother to a young, black Obama supporter. To wit:

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