Musgrave-Markey spat over ANWR video resolved

With Betsy Markey and Marilyn Musgrave set to butt heads — or at least exchange words — at tonight’s 4th Congressional District debate in Fort Morgan, one of the mysteries of last week’s debate has been solved.

The question of who posted a grainy, out-of-focus YouTube clip featuring Betsy Markey talking about Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) drilling yielded spirited discussion last week.

Markey believed the footage came from a Musgrave staffer who has been following her on campaign stops. Musgrave said the footage came from a Markey supporter.

Fort Collins Coloradoan Editor Bob Moore tracked down the poster of the clip, Boulder County Democratic delegate Shawn Coleman, who took the footage at a Colorado delegation breakfast during the Democratic National Convention.

The clip brought to light the popular tactic of sending a cameraman to follow an opponent on campaign stops in hopes of turning candidates’ own words against them.