Mail-in ballots short on postage will be delivered

The long-standing rumor that mail-in ballots missing postage will be chucked or returned to the sender turns out to be, well, a rumor.

According to Marcela Rivera, the customer relations coordinator with the Denver post office, ballots with inadequate postage will be treated as special mail, delivered daily to the Denver County Clerk and Recorder, who will pay the difference on the postage.

“We want voters to know that no matter what, if the ballots are short paid, they will not be disenfranchised by any means,” she says. “Not a single one will be returned to sender.”

Postage for this year’s hefty mail-in ballots is $1.17. As of last week, more than 1.3 million voters requested mail-in ballots statewide.

Rivera urges voters to put their ballots in the mail no later than the Thursday before Election Day, on October 30.

“We want to make sure their ballots get there in time.”