McCain robocalls charge Obama ‘putting Hollywood above America’

Colorado telephones have been ringing on Wednesday with a robocall from the McCain campaign that questions Barack Obama’s patriotism and charges the Democrat with “putting Hollywood above America,” according to Greg Sargent at TPM Election Central. The robocalls are also hitting phones in North Carolina, Missouri, Wisconsin, according to TPM readers.

The call slams Obama for attending a “celebrity Hollywood fundraiser” the same day “our elected leaders” worked to fix the financial crisis. It marks a reversal of a McCain campaign pledge to refrain from questioning Obama’s patriotism, as Sargent observes:

The calls are only the latest example of the McCain campaign claiming to take the high road while it does the opposite. In mid-summer, senior McCain adviser Charlie Black claimed that the campaign wasn’t interested in talking about Obama’s patriotism.

The call ends saying it’s paid for by “McCain-Palin 2008 and the Republican National Committee.”

Listen to the call here.

And here’s what it says:

“Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats got caught putting Hollywood above America. On the very day our elected leaders gathered in Washington to deal with the financial crisis, Barack Obama spent just 20 minutes with economic advisers, but hours at a celebrity Hollywood fundraiser. Where are the Democrats’ priorities?”

A second McCain robocall hitting Obama on taxes has also been reported in North Carolina, a state that hasn’t voted for a Democrat since the 1976 presidential election. Here’s what it says:

“With higher gas prices, grocery costs, and a struggling economy, we cannot afford Barack Obama’s and the Democrats’ one-trillion dollars in new taxes and spending. With the Wall Street bailout we’re simply in way over our heads. We cannot afford another one trillion dollars in big-government bureaucracy, higher taxes, and more wasteful spending that our children will have to pay for.”

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