NY Times: Nearly half of Colorado voters requested mail-in ballots

The New York Times has caught up to the fact that, among other election-related hot-buttons, Colorado has become a poster-child for the mail-in voting movement. According to an article this week, around 1.4 million of the state’s 3.2 million voters have requested a mail-in ballot thus far — compared to only 668,000 mail-in wannabes in 2004. Voters still have until October 28 to request mail-in ballots.

As The Colorado Independent has been reporting, Colorado’s mail-in mania reflects a special set of circumstances: we’re a swing state, we have one of the longest ballots in the nation, and we have had an incredible spike in newly registered voters.

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and several county clerks and state legislators have been beating the mail-in drum for weeks, saying its the one true way to avoid massive lines on Election Day.

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