Ritter votes for Amend. 58; no word on prez pick

On Monday, the first day of early voting, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter sent an e-mail out — OK it was “signed” Gov. Bill Ritter — announcing he had just voted at one of the state’s numerous early vote centers. He wants everyone to do the same. Ritter specified that he voted “Yes” on Amendment 58 — the measure that would raise more than $300 million a year from oil and gas companies that, for the most part, hate the idea. But oddly, Ritter, a Democrat, didn’t say how else he voted — including his pick for prez or the U.S. Senate.

Here’s the e-mail, subject: I voted … have you?

I just voted at one of the early vote centers located across the state, and I want to invite you to do the same. When you do, I urge you to vote Yes on Amendment 58 and invest in Colorado’s future.
Send your friends and family a “Vote Early | Vote Yes on 58” e-Postcard.

In addition, you’ll find information on how to find an early vote center near you.

I think it’s time to stop giving oil and gas companies over $300 million a year in subsidies and start investing that money to help our kids go to college, protect our land and water and invest in renewable energy.

Vote yes on 58. It’s a clear choice.

Governor Bill Ritter Jr.

In recent weeks Ritter has taken off the gloves in a battle to end what he calls the state’s “outdated tax subsidy for oil and gas companies.” For their part, oil and gas companies have pumped $10 million into the campaign to defeat 58.

Maybe today Ritter will tell us how he voted in the presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain, and the ever-titillating U.S. Senate race in Colorado between Mark Udall and Bob Schaffer.

Meanwhile, click here for more for details on early voting in Colorado, which kicked off Monday. A long ballot and anticipated long lines at the polls have politicos advising voters to vote early or by mail.


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