Todd Palin to pal around with sportsmen today in Colorado

Alaska’s “First Dude,” as the media has dubbed Todd Palin, will be out to prove he isn’t the “First Dud” today as he follows in his governor and Republican vice presidential nominee wife Sarah Palin’s footsteps on the campaign stump in Colorado.

Todd Palin, according to the Vail Daily, is hitting a diner in Eagle, a Village Inn restaurant in Glenwood Springs and a Bass Pro Shop in Denver the day after his wife pulled off a whirlwind rally tour of Colorado – stopping in Colorado Springs, Loveland and Grand Junction before heading to Nevada today.

The goateed Palin, a snow-machine (the correct Alaska term for snowmobile) racing champion and oil-field worker, epitomizes what it means to be a Coloradan, according to Eagle County Republican Party operative Henri Stone.

“Sarah Palin and her husband really represent Western Slope lifestyle and values,” Stone told the Vail Daily. “Alaska and Colorado have a lot in common in our cultures.”

But that mountain culture is quickly changing. Eagle County, scene of Palin’s Eagle Diner visit today, recently saw the number of registered Democrats surpass the number of registered Republicans for perhaps the first time ever and definitely the first time in recent memory.

Democrats outnumbered Republicans by a margin of 6,983 to 6,696 as of Tuesday morning, but unaffiliated voters still have the majority at 9,327.

“I don’t think it has ever been skewed Democrat in the past,” said Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Teak Simonton, who recently changed her own party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. “But I have no way of checking, frankly. “

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