Jewish comics take to the air with election message: ‘This ain’t funny’

Joining a cavalcade of entertainers urging their fans to get out and vote, a group of iconic Jewish comedians on Wednesday launched “This Ain’t Funny,” a series of ads and a Web site designed “to encourage voters to vote for the only serious ticket in this election — Obama-Biden.” Three ads, featuring performers including Carl Reiner, Valerie Harper and Danny DeVito, urge senior citizens to “think about our grandchildren and not (vote) out of fear.”

“I got the chance to vote for Roosevelt,” says Carl Reiner in an ad called “Our Grandchildren,” “and I’m still talking about it.”

The campaign, sponsored by Jews For Change, is airing in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania until the weekend before the election, when organizers say the commercials will expand into other battleground states.

In another ad, called “Vice President,” Reiner says, “Remember all those jokes we made about George Bush?”

“Are you laughing now?” asks Valerie Harper.

“We can’t afford another joke in the White House,” Danny DeVito adds.

“I’m voting for hope,” concludes Garry Marshall. “I’m voting for that one.”

The comedians “tell us why McCain’s fear tactics ain’t funny” in this ad, called “Fear Tactics.”

That’s not to say that McCain isn’t supported by the Hollywood equivalent of the Borscht Belt. Successful filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer, former FOX Television and movie studio exec Barry Diller and Saturday Night Live creator/producer Lorne Michaels all count McCain as their guy. They just might be more comfortable behind the camera than mugging for it on YouTube.

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