Obama map tracks ‘under the radar’ attacks in Colorado

Taking a cue from Talking Points Memo, the Obama campaign put up an interactive map on Friday to track “some of the most toxic attacks” from the McCain campaign in the form of robocalls and printed material in Colorado and other battleground states.

The site counts three robocalls and four mailers paid for by McCain and Republican Party organizations targeting voters in Colorado, including a robocall linking Obama to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and a mailer depicting the “hostile leaders of Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea” under the headline “Welcome to the White House.”

Progressive blog Talking Points Memo created a similar map to “track McCain’s robo-slime and mail sleaze state by state.”

Democratic officials aren’t the only ones denouncing McCain’s “under the radar” tactics, including the Ayers robocall. So far, at least four Republican senators have called on McCain to pull the robocalls, with Maine’s Susan Collins saying, ““They don’t serve John McCain well. This kind of campaign call does not reflect the kind of leader that he is.”

Minnesota’s Norm Coleman urged McCain to stop the calls while Oregon’s Gordon Smith joined Maine’s other Republican senator, Olympia Snowe, denouncing the calls.

Colorado Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer stood alone praising the robocalls in a survey conducted by congressional news site The Hill a week ago.

“I do not anticipate asking that be done,” said campaign manager Dick Wadhams when asked if Schaffer would ask for the ads to be pulled. … “I think that’s a legitimate issue,” Wadhams said about the calls about Ayers.

Other Republican senators contacted by The Hill “demurred,” saying they either hadn’t heard the calls or hadn’t received any complaints from constituents.

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