McCain leads Obama — in movie cameos

The movie fan site just published its top 10 list of movie cameos by politicians, with Sen. John McCain nabbing the top spot with his appearance in the comedy “Wedding Crashers.”

Sen. Barack Obama, who was once attacked for being the “celebrity” in the race, comes up empty-handed. “Obama hasn’t been in a movie as far as I know,” explained Spout spokesman Mark Ballard. McCain should be grateful to lead the list of cameos, he added via email, because it means the GOP nominee is “leading in something… anything.” It’s tough out there for a trailing candidate.

The list of cameos may interest political and movie buffs, since there are several trivia-worthy appearances, including:

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-IL) in Batman’s “Dark Knight.” (Leahy reminded The Joker of his father in a tense exchange, clip below, and bonus points for the surveillance connection.)

Former Sen. Al D’amato (R-NY) in “The Devil’s Advocate.” (In a scene where he works with Satan’s staff — what was he thinking?)

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) in “Dave.” (The producers felt obliged to use a caption to identify him.)

There are also several movies that lift footage of presidents, including George W. Bush and Gerald Ford. But they don’t really count as cameos. At this rate, that may be the only route for an Obama star turn.