Nader smashes campaign record, and not the one you think

Barack Obama wasn’t the only presidential candidate setting records over the weekend.

AP news reports that, in a day that made the candidates of both major parties look lazy, independent candidate Ralph Nader delivered 255 minutes of speeches to 21 Massachusetts communities on Saturday.

This epic day of campaigning was enough to earn Nader the Guinness World Records title for most campaign speeches given in a single day.

The rules required Nader to give more than 150 minutes of speeches. Each speech had to last more than 10 minutes and be given to at least 10 people who didn’t arrive with the candidate.

I’m sure I should end this piece with a snarky dig about quantity over quality, but Nader is 74-years-old — two years older than his GOP presidential rival John McCain — and is polling in the single digits across the 45 states where he made the ballot.

For his persistence and enthusiasm alone I say, “Way to go, Ralph!”

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