Musgrave doesn’t call to congratulate Markey

Others around the country and in Colorado did it.

John McCain made a gracious speech to supporters Tuesday night in Arizona, where he congratulated his Democratic presidential opponent, Barack Obama, for a good campaign that has made political history. Colorado Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer called his opponent, Democratic Rep. Mark Udall, to congratulate him for his victory before making a thank-you speech to his supporters.


Betsy Markey celebrates her victory on Election night. (Photo/Jason Kosena)
Betsy Markey celebrates her victory on Election night. (Photo/Jason Kosena)

Don’t expect the same from incumbent Rep. Marilyn Musgrave in the 4th Congressional District in Colorado. After Democrat Betsy Markey’s victory became apparent Tuesday night, the Markey campaign expected to hear from Musgrave. It didn’t happen.


“We exchanged phone numbers, but I haven’t heard from her,” Markey said after 11 p.m. Tuesday, following her victory speech in Fort Collins.

When asked if she were going to call Musgrave, Markey said: “No. Usually the loser of the race is the one who reaches out.”

Musgrave, who was soundly defeated by Markey Tuesday night by a 57-to-43 margin, made a brief appearance before supporters at Jackson’s Bar and Grill in Greeley at about 7 p.m. to say votes were being counted and that she was hopeful. After it was apparent she had lost the election, Musgrave left the building without thanking her supporters.

Republicans will remember that in 2006, when Democrat Angie Paccione narrowly lost to Musgrave, she didn’t call to offer congratulations either. But Paccioine, posting on the blog, said Musgrave wouldn’t divulge her phone number at the time, making it hard to make the call.

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