Affirmative-action ban uncertain in Colorado, challenged in Nebraska

The Colorado Civil Rights Initiative is still treading water, with the results too close to call. County clerks in Boulder and Adams counties are still counting the ballots that could tip Amendment 46 one way or another. Though the anti-affirmative-action initiative is trailing very slightly in the polls, opponents are reluctant to call a victory just yet.

Meanwhile, in Nebraska, a similar measure backed by anti-affirmative-action boss Ward Connerly passed handily. However, notes that “a pending lawsuit over the legitimacy of the signatures collected to get the initiative on the ballot may undermine the election results.”

Amendment 46 opponents tried to launch a similar suit in Colorado, but it failed. However, key players in the Vote No campaign are still in court challenging Secretary of State Mike Coffman, who ruled that their opposing, pro-affirmative action measure had too few sufficient signatures to make it onto the ballot.