Want to be Colorado’s next secretary of state? Don’t embarrass Ritter

Did you ever want to be a secretary of state, overseeing elections and licensing and all the things that secretaries of state do? Well, your lucky day may be Monday, which is the deadline to apply for consideration to become Colorado’s next secretary of state. And — this part is important — you must also correctly be able to successfully answer this question, which is actually on the application: Is there anything in your background that might be an embarrassment to the Governor or you if it were to become public?

Since Republican Mike Coffman won his bid to replace Tom Tancredo in Congress, Colorado’s next secretary of state will be filled by Democratic Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter.

So far, outgoing Senate Majority Leader Ken Gordon has confirmed he plans to apply. Outgoing House Speaker Andrew Romanoff and former Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald have also been mentioned as possible contenders, as has former Denver City Councilwoman Rosemary Rodriguez, who is currently chair of the federal Election Assistance Commission.

The application, available at the governor’s homepage, details the following requirements — in addition to successfully being able to answer the aforementioned question, “Is there anything in your background that might be an embarrassment to the Governor or you if it were to become public?”:

Additional Instructions
1. Attached a current resume. The resume should include, at a minimum, the following:
• Formal education from high school through any post-graduate degrees, including dates of attendance and degrees earned;
• Employment history;
• Elected offices held, including dates in office;
• Public service, volunteer activities, and membership in organizations that may provide experience
relevant to your interest in or qualifications for Secretary of State;
• Special skills or other specialized qualifications for Secretary of State.
2. Provide list of three references, including name, address, telephone number, and how each reference knows you.
3. Provide a one to two page personal statement setting forth your interest in and qualification for the position of Secretary of State.