Will anyone have the guts to take on Wadhams?

The blogs are having a field day this week, speculating as to which lucky Joe will emerge the winning plumber who will flush out the old and usher in a new winning majority for Colorado’s down-and-out GOP. And yes, current Republican Party Chairman Dick Wadhams is still in the mix.

Last month former Congressman Scott McInnis shook things up when, accurately predicting a GOP bloodbath, he told the Colorado Independent that he could have beaten Democrat Mark Udall in the U.S. Senate race. Today, PolitickerCO’s Jeremy Pelzer reports McInnis has taken on a more conciliatory tone, and dismissed rumors that he was planning to lead the charge to eject the hard-right conservative elements within the party and restore the state GOP to a more moderate stance.

“No, that’s not my role,” McInnis told PolitickerCO. “I am not thinking about some kind of overthrow or any of that kind of stuff.”

Mike Hesse, McInnis’ former chief of staff who most recently ran the unsuccessful campaign of Bentley Rayburn in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District, says he may consider it.

Earlier this week, Republican activist Dan Kopelman denied — in delightfully brawny tones — any rumors that he is running for the state GOP Chairman.

“Tell your contacts who floated that rumor that he or she is an imbecile and should have the guts to go on record rather than lurking in the shadows of anonymity like so many cowards of the left-wing blog world,” Kopelman reportedly wrote to Pelzer.

As for Wadhams, well, he’s on record with The Denver Post — in equally brawny tones — that he’s inclined to run again:

“The people who are criticizing me don’t even have the guts to speak publicly. They are cowards,” Wadhams said.

Of course, the race isn’t actually until March, which gives us plenty of time to speculate.