Musgrave Concession Watch: Day 14

Not only has lame-duck Rep. Marilyn Musgrave still refused to concede to Betsy Markey, but the word is around D.C. that the Fort Morgan Republican has gone into hiding since the 12-point drubbing that cost the three-term congresswoman her seat. “[More] rumors abound that no one has seen or talked to Musgrave since the brutal loss; she’s all but disappeared,” Politico’s Anne Schroeder Mullins reported Tuesday morning.

“It’s a campaign matter, and I have no further comment,” Musgrave’s congressional spokesman Joseph Brettell told Politico.

The Markey crew, in town for new-lawmaker orientation, hasn’t crossed paths with Musgrave — and the phone still hasn’t jingled. “No, she hasn’t called to concede,” Markey campaign manager Anne Caprara told Politico, “but we’re moving forward.”

Markey shouldn’t feel singled out, though. It appears Musgrave’s “ill manners” have a bipartisan spin. “Rumor has it she still — 14 days later — hasn’t even thanked her campaign staff,” Mullins reported.

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