How green is your bank? Climate Counts keeps score

HSBC Bank USA is the greenest bank in the land, according to the nonprofit Climate Counts organization, which provides consumer information based on the climate-change performance of businesses.

HSBC, a New York-based corporate bank, scored 65 out of a possible 100 points on Climate Counts’ first scorecard ranking the “climate protection efforts of major commercial banks.” Bank of America and CitiGroup tied for second with 60 points.

The rankings were developed by Climate Counts with input from a panel of climate and business experts from academia and other nongovernmental organizations. The banks were given the opportunity to confirm information and also provide additional sources.

Three banks — National City, Regions and SunTrust banks — ranked at the bottom of the list with just one point apiece. The scorecard was based on a set of 22 criteria, all developed with the single goal of stopping global climate change.

“With the coming turnover in Washington, action on global warming is imminent, and financial institutions can be pacesetters on these issues, given growing consumer demand for climate progress even amidst continued economic uncertainty,” Climate Counts Project Director Wood Turner said in a release.

is an award-winning reporter who has covered energy, environmental and political issues for years. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Denver Post. He's founder of Real Vail and Real Aspen.


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