Catholic leaders criticize Obama’s “anti-life agenda”

What’s the deal with Catholic leaders from Colorado? The Colorado Independent’s Ernest Luning pointed out on Friday that Cardinal James Francis Stafford, formerly archbishop in Denver, accused President-elect Barack Obama for having an apocalyptic “anti-life agenda.” A month ago Denver’s current archbishop, Charles Chaput,called Obama the “most committed” abortion-rights candidate since Roe v. Wade. And let’s not forget Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs, who in the past extended the no-Communion threat to voters who pulled the lever for any candidate who supports abortion rights, stem-cell research, euthanasia or gay marriage.

Four years ago, Sheridan made his mark as having issued the strongest pronouncement yet from a Catholic leader in the United States over a debate about politics and how Catholic voters should cast their ballots. CBS News reported that previous warnings denouncing mostly Democratic candidates and those who support a woman’s right to choose were limited to the candidates themselves.

Sheridan’s position was widely criticized for its inconsistencies.

As blogger Jeff Miller, known as the Curt Jester, noted after Sheridan’s pronouncement, “Curiously, the Bishop does not support denying Holy Communion to Catholics who vote for candidates who support the death penalty, torture, or unjust war.”