Conservative PAC to air Thanksgiving ad thanking Palin for being Palin

As Thanksgiving approaches, a conservative PAC plans to spend nearly a quarter of a million dollars airing a nationwide ad thanking Sarah Palin — for being Sarah Palin. The Our Country Deserves Better PAC, hot on the heels of its cross-country “Stop Obama” bus tour, unveiled on Monday two versions of an ad organizers said would start airing Tuesday in Alaska and nationwide for the rest of the week.

“Gov. Sarah Palin, as Americans sit down to their Thanksgiving dinners of turkey — or moose — a grateful nation wishes to say, ‘Thank you Gov. Palin!'” the ad opens before presenting a cavalcade of ordinary, grateful Americans. “God bless you, Gov. Palin,” says a man before the ad cuts to an older woman and a boy. “You’ve inspired us,” they say in unison. “Both young,” he says, “and not so young,” she adds.

Let’s take a look. Stay tuned until the end for a moose joke:

“Basically, we wanted to thank Sarah Palin for standing up for conservative values during the campaign and election,” Our Country spokesman Kelly Eustis wrote to the Colorado Independent in an e-mail Monday. “Not only is she the future of the Republican Party, but she is now a leader of it. She’s inspired tons of young people, especially girls, that they too can achieve great things.”

More than 100 Palin supporters turned out to film the ad in Rancho Cordova, Calif., last week, the Rancho Cordova Post reported, to counteract “bashing from the media” by thanking Palin publicly. “Basically we feel that Sarah Palin has gotten a bad rap in the media and by a lot of other Republicans even,” Eustis told the Glenn Falls (N.Y.) Post-Star.

The ad will air on TV stations across Alaska and nationally on cable news networks and “possibly on CBS during (the) Thanksgiving football game between the Tennessee Titans and Detroit Lions,” Eustis told the Independent.

The PAC is soliciting donations for the campaign “honoring and thanking Gov. Palin for being an articulate, straight-forward and uplifting champion of common sense conservative ideals.”

It’s part of a revamp for the group, since the “Stop Obama” tour fell somewhat short of its goals. “Definitely our organization is going to be changing its goals around a little bit more,” Eustis told the Glenn Falls newspaper. “So mostly it’s going to be a more positive political action committee. So mostly promoting Republican political candidates and especially Sarah Palin.”

Here’s the extended version of the ad:

Our Country Deserves Better was hatched by the same pro-war Republican activists who founded Move America Forward and aired an ad tying Obama to Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara, Hamas and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermon urging God to “damn America.”

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