A prayer to Jesus: Make Ted Haggard go away

We can’t stop. We, as in the collective, can’t stop writing about him and we can’t stop reading about him. We can’t stop clicking on the name Ted Haggard whenever it appears on screen. We need an intervention, we need a restoration, and we need it fast. Lord save us from the clutches of Ted Haggard and his never-ending evangelical Christianity-meets-Leviticus-meets-Webmania train wreck.

Last week the Colorado Independent and many other news outlets ran a story about how, after he fell fast and furious two years ago in a gay-sex and meth scandal, Pastor Ted was back, preaching to a small congregation in Illinois about how he was sexually abused when he was seven years old.

This week the Associated Press (AP) rehashed virtually the same story, which was picked up by many others, including The Colorado Springs Gazette, the newspaper of Haggard’s hometown, to which he recently returned form Arizona, with a job switch to selling insurance.

One has to look no further than the most recent AP story in the Gazette to see just how badly the people are hurting over the media’s continued insistence on rehashing the minutiae of Haggard’s every move.

Paaaallleeaaasssse, Ted, GO AWAY! Give it a rest, get off the bus, Gus. You really need to figure out a way to make a living, like real work, besides spewing your garbage. If you do continue in this line of “work” would you please do it elsewhere. We are so ashamed of your behavior. Please take this on the road to another community.


I agree that the Gazette needs to stop giving him press. The original story when he left [New Life Church] was newsworthy. Now he’s just a guy selling insurance. I happen to think he’s a creepy guy, but at this point, what he does is none of our business, and he doesn’t deserve the free advertising.

As a Christian, I must say, it is very much time for Ted Haggard to step down for good and never be in the public eye again. I am sure God can and probably has forgiven Ted for his mistakes, but the church does not need the disgrace his name now carries. We can all forgive him as well, but that does not mean he should be any kind of a leader again.

Ted Haggard = creepy icky insurance guy

GO BACK TO THE DESERT TED! You got lots more healin’ to do.

The whole fascination with Haggard is getting stale. There are tens of thousands of other Born Again Hypocrites just as bad or worse walking around Colorado Springs right now.

Will we, the collective media, listen? Nope. Sorry.