Bernie Buescher for Superman!

Secretary of State? Sure thing. President of Colorado State University? Why not? U.S. Attorney? You betcha! For Bernie Buescher, there apparently isn’t a job he won’t do — except be speaker of Colorado’s House of Representatives, of course.

Buescher was on tap to become Colorado’s next speaker of the House until the Grand Junction Democrat lost his reelection bid to newcomer Laura Bradford. Since then, he’s one of 20 who have applied to become Colorado Secretary of State, filling out the term of Republican Mike Coffman, who won a congressional seat and is running off to Washington.

Buescher, who served on the Joint Budget Committee while in the House, has also expressed interest in becoming the next president of Colorado State University, a job that opened up when Larry Penley unexpectedly stepped down in the middle of the semester.

And now PolitickerCO is reporting that Buescher, an attorney, would also be willing to become the next U.S. attorney for Colorado.

“I haven’t thought about it,” Buescher is quoted as saying by the online news source. “It’s a great job — it’s an administrative job more than a litigative job.”

Give that guy a job! Better yet, give him three!

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