Obama campaign hawks mug for the holidays — and a donation to the DNC

Even after raising nearly a billion dollars, the Obama campaign’s vaunted online donation mill still has room for more. In an e-mail sent to supporters Wednesday, Obama for America offers a “holiday Obama mug” for a $15 donation to the Democratic National Committee, whose “50-state organizing strategy made this movement possible.”

Not that there was much danger of it, but the generic “holiday” label won’t earn the Obama campaign any kisses from Focus on the Family’s campaign to reward “Christmas-friendly” retailers who call the holiday by its proper name.

The plain black mug adorned with an Obama ’08 logo looks suspiciously like the regular non-holiday variety recently offered for sale at the Obama for America’s accessories store, but supporters are assured its purchase will “celebrate the historic accomplishment of our movement for change” this “holiday season.” Orders placed before Dec. 15 are even guaranteed delivery by Dec. 25.

The Obama campaign, which counts more than 4 million donors among 10 million registered supporters, has continued raising money for the DNC and its transition operations.

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