Campy and sedate: Obama and McCain put their best mugs forward

Just in time for the holidays is the latest in Obama gear — the $15 limited edition Obama coffee mug. It’s not as pricey as the $30 T-shirt the campaign was advertising post-election in an effort to keep the cash rolling in. But no offense, for my money — or Santa, are you reading? — I’d much prefer to have the $12.99 No Country For Old Men coffee mug being advertised on the Internet, featuring the face of John McCain sporting one of those creepy Javier Bardem-style haircuts.

The manufacturer promises that the No Country For Old Men mug is “the perfect size for your favorite morning beverage or late night brew.” It comes with a large, easy-grip handle.

A bit of background on the Obama mug. Having proven its creative prowess in figuring out ways to keep raising the dough, this week the Obama campaign sent out a mass e-mail offering the above-mentioned official holiday mug for a contribution of $15 to benefit the Democratic National Committee.

Not your cup of coffee? Don’t despair. As always, the Internet is teeming with options. Here are just a few other presidential selections available — remnants of a campaign blessedly over. And yes, many of the most campy mugs out there are solidly pro-McCain.

The “Anyone but McCain Mug” – $19.99 — Self-explanatory; here’s the sales pitch: “So you don’t like John McCain? Don’t worry, you are not alone, so don’t be afraid to show it off!”

The “I heart McCain” mug — a bargain at $9.99

The simple “It’s McCain” mug in red lettering against a plain white background: $15.99

The “Lipstick on a Pig” Palin/McCain Nobama Mug, complete with the image of a lipsticked pig and the following frankly nonsensical message, “What’s the big deal?” Pieces start at $16.20

And for the sweet tooth on your list, there’s the McCain cupcake mug, featuring red and white striped cupcakes with blue and white star-spangled frosting with the message, “Cupcakes for McCain.” The sales pitch doesn’t make the cupcake-McCain connection much clearer: “Express your sweet tooth with this cute cupcake design. Pastel colors to lighten up your day. Show your support for McCain and Palin with the USA patriotic cupcake.” Starts at $20.30.

Still in the mood for Obama? Here’s a site for one-stop coffee mug shopping, if you want to deviate from the latest campaign plea-for-cash. There are at least 30 styles at that one site alone, with as many messages — standard and, well, not so much.

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