Obama tops $745 million in donations, offers new deal on calendar

First, there was the $30 T-shirt. Then there was the $15 coffee mug. Now it’s a limited-edition four-year calendar “featuring some of the best images from the campaign trail.” Yes, Barack Obama has indeed rewritten the book on fundraising, as evidenced by the astounding final figure of $745 million that he amassed during his successful quest for the presidency.

The Associated Press reported today that the $745 million was more than twice the amount that Republican John McCain raised during the campaign.

In an interview clip embedded in the AP video story, Obama pointed out that 90 percent of his contributions came from individual donors, not special interests.

Coincidentally, the final tally came just as the Obama campaign sent out the latest mass appeal for contributions — in exchange for the above-mentioned four-year calendar — yours for a $35 contribution.

From the sales pitch:

It’s been just over a month since Election Day, and we’re getting ready to change America.

We can’t do it alone, and we can’t do it in a single day.

But thanks to supporters like you, change is coming.

Show your support for our ongoing movement with an Obama four-year calendar — or share one as a holiday gift.

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