Dusting off the classic videos while Colorado waits

While we’re waiting for confirmation about whether U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar is really going to be secretary of the interior, and who will be the next senator from Colorado, and who will then maybe be the next U.S. representative from Colorado, and also who will be the next Colorado secretary of state and the next state House minority leader and possibly the next assistant minority leader, let’s all relax and amuse ourselves for a few minutes watching Ken Gordon swimming with sharks.

Gordon, of course, is the outgoing state Senate majority leader who is heavily lobbying to be appointed by Gov. Bill Ritter as the next Colorado secretary of state. The seat came open when Mike Coffman won the race to succeed Rep. Tom Tancredo to represent the 6th Congressional District.

Ritter has whittled the list down to Gordon, outgoing state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff and state Rep. Bernie Buescher. In an e-mail last week, Gordon urged people to send Ritter letters of support for him.

From the e-mail: “If I am appointed you will have a fair Secretary who will do everything possible to ensure that Colorado’s elections are honest, accessible and transparent and who will be an advocate for the greatest possible participation by citizens in their government.”

The shark video, by the way, was a commercial that Gordon aired when he was running against Coffman two years ago for the spot he is now seeking — and lost.