Poll: Trust in Republicans tumbles to new low

Fewer than one in four Americans trusts Republicans more than Democrats to deal with serious national problems, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Thursday. The 23 percent confidence level for the GOP is the lowest rating for either party in at least 26 years, the Post reports.

More than twice that number, 56 percent, trust Democrats when it comes to handling America’s problems — again, setting a record since the survey began in 1982. The proportion of Americans who trust neither party, however, has grown since May to 15 percent.

The GOP’s trust level has tumbled since May, according to the poll, led by a dramatic slide in confidence in the party by conservatives. In May, 60 percent of those identifying themselves as conservative trusted the Republican Party to handle things, but Thursday’s poll shows only 41 percent shared that belief in December.

Democrats have the trust advantage almost by default, the poll shows. Confidence in the Democrats among independents has also fallen since May — by 7 points, leaving 46 percent — while 28 percent of independents say they lack confidence in either party to handle the nation’s ills.

It’s been six years since Republicans had a “significant advantage” in the survey, The Post reports.