Denver waiter serves up veggie-oil ski shuttle

Denver waiter and avid skier Kristopher Klain is expanding on the time-honored ski-area tradition of charging huge sums for greasy food by propelling a vehicle with that grease and transporting skiers to the slopes.

Klain’s seven-passenger SUV is powered purely by vegetable oil from Denver-area restaurants, and his Colorado Green Shuttle company charges $400 from Denver International Airport to Vail, according to The Summit Daily News. Klain, 31, said that is competitive with other luxury, private-shuttle services.

“It’s really the simplest way I could think of to truly keep Colorado green,” Klain told the paper. “The environmental cost of a standard shuttle trip to the mountains is simply too steep, so I decided to create a low-impact alternative. It’s a way for eco-minded travelers to get up to the mountains and leave the smallest footprint possible.”

And if stranded by an avalanche on Vail Pass, just crack open the fuel tank before hungrily eyeing fellow passengers.


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