Sen. Dave Schultheis’ must-reads for the proper conservative

Just in time for Christmas, we’ve stumbled across Colorado Republican state Sen. Dave Schultheis’ list of recommended reading “for the education of a good conservative.” And not one of the 15 must-reads is a day younger than 35 years old. OK, we exaggerate. One of them was published in this century.

After serving three terms in the state House of Representatives, Schultheis was elected two years ago to his first term in the Senate representing District 9 — as conservative a seat as they come in Colorado, which includes northern Colorado Springs, the Air Force Academy, parts of the Black Forest and the town of Monument.

Schultheis has made his name as a leader in the state’s Minutemen anti-immigration movement. In addition, he’s personal pals with Focus on the Family founder James Dobson and is a past mover and shaker in the national hard right shadowy group The Council for National Policy.

Without further ado, here’s Schultheis’ very own “Conservative Reading List,” as detailed on his personal Web site.

• The Old and New Testaments
The Declaration of Independence (Jefferson, 1776)
The U.S. Constitution (1789)
• The Federalist Papers (Hamilton, Jay, Madison, 1787)
• Democracy in America (Alexis de Tocqueville, 1835)
The Conservative Mind (Russell Kirk, 1953)
The Roots of American Order (Russell Kirk, 1974)
The Road to Serfdom (Friedrich A. Hayek, 1944)
Ideas Have Consequences (Richard Weaver, 1948)
The Quest for Community (Robert Nisbet, 1953)
Witness (Whittaker Chambers, 1952)
God and Man at Yale (William F. Buckley, 1951)
• Conscience of a Conservative (Barry Goldwater, 1964)
• Mexifornia, A State of Becoming Mexico (Victor Hanson, 2004)*

* The correct name of the book is actually “Mexifornia, A State of Becoming.”

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