‘Pathetic political wannabe’ withdraws self from Senate seat consideration

Scratch another name — this one not on anyone’s list — from the possible replacements for Sen. Ken Salazar, who is resigning his seat to be secretary of interior in the Obama administration. Children’s Museum President Tom Downey announced tongue-in-cheek Tuesday he was joining the ranks of Colorado politicians both prominent and obscure who don’t want to be considered by Gov. Bill Ritter to fill out Salazar’s term.

Downey’s facetious announcement is the latest sign the “whole process has jumped the shark,” according to Colorado Independent alum Jeff Bridges, who posted the release at Colorado Pols.

Tom Downey Removes Self from Consideration for US Senate

Denver, CO- Following the slew of elected officials and community leaders disclosing that they are seeking appointment to the US Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Ken Salazar, Tom Downey, President of the Children’s Museum, has asked Gov. Ritter to remove his name from consideration. Upon hearing of Downey’s withdrawal, Gov. Ritter was quoted as saying, “Tom who?”

Downey felt obligated to make his announcement after a “ripple, rather than a flood” of inquiries … exclusively from people who work for him and whose salaries he controls, in response to Downey’s not-so-subtle soliciting, and usually after awkward silences.

In removing himself from consideration, Downey noted that he still had many goals to accomplish at the Children’s Museum. He also proved himself to be a pathetic political wannabe by saying that he wanted to spend more time with his family. Downey’s mother-in-law, Helen Fox, responded by saying, “Oh, get over yourself.” In a sign of supporting Downey’s decision, Gov. Ritter’s Chief of Staff, Jim Carpenter, said, “Please stop bothering me!”

Downey is a bit modest, if intentionally, because he served on the seven-member commission appointed by Ritter in November to review applicants to replace Secretary of State Mike Coffman, who won election to Congress. (Ritter named state lawmaker Bernie Buescher to that post last week.) Downey also heads the Colorado Nonprofit Association.

In the last week, former Denver Mayor Federico Peña and State Treasurer Cary Kennedy announced they were withdrawing their names from consideration.

Also on Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien told the Denver Post’s Jessica Fender she’s not seeking the appointment, either. “Who does not want to go to the U.S. Senate?” O’Brien asked Fender. “I think I’m the only person who doesn’t.”

At the same time, the chattering class continues to unearth new prospects for the Senate appointment, which Ritter has said he intends to fill “quickly.”

Contenders for the appointment include pretty much every Democratic politician in the state — and a few who have roots in Colorado but don’t call it home anymore — with the exception of Peña, Kennedy, O’Brien and Ritter, who said he has no intention of naming himself to the seat.

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