Bill Thiebaut joins the jockeying for Colorado U.S. attorney

Pueblo District Attorney Bill Thiebaut, a former longtime Colorado legislator, is the latest to say in effect, “Pick Me!” to be Colorado’s next U.S. attorney. On Thursday the Pueblo Chieftain reported that Thiebaut, a former majority leader in the state Senate, is interested in being nominated to replace Republican Troy Eid, who announced this week he plans to resign on Jan. 19 and run for attorney general in 2010.

“I’ve made each of the senators’ offices aware of my interest,” Thiebaut, a Democrat, told the Chieftain, referring to Democratic U.S. Sens. Ken Salazar and Mark Udall.

Other possible nominees for Colorado U.S. attorney in Barack Obama’s presidential administration include University of Colorado Regent Michael Carrigan, former Assistant U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer, current Assistant U.S. Attorney Jaime Pena and Stephanie Villafuerte, deputy chief of staff to Gov. Bill Ritter.

Thiebaut, who lives in Pueblo, previously expressed interest in taking a “serious look” at running in a 3rd Congressional District special election if U.S. Rep. John Salazar, D-Manassa, had been appointed the U.S. secretary of agriculture, an appointment that did not materialize.

Thiebaut served in the Colorado House and Senate from 1993 to 2002 and was elected the DA in Pueblo two years later. He has been particularly aggressive battling Colorado Springs, 40 miles north of Pueblo, over massive sewage spills that have flowed down Fountain Creek through Pueblo.

In a recent case, Thiebaut’s office filed criminal libel charges against a 51-year-old man for allegedly doctoring online photos of someone, in effect sticking that person’s head on the body of someone or something else.

On Nov. 14, 2002, then-Colorado Rep. Scott McInnis, a Republican, delivered a tribute honoring the Democrat Thiebaut for his service — including noting that Thiebaut has 15 children.

Here is the tribute, which was entered into the Congressional Record:

Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to a man that has selflessly devoted his time and energies towards the betterment of the state of Colorado. A member of the Colorado State Legislature, the hard work and dedication of William Thiebaut, Jr., known as Bill, is a testament to the Western pride and character of my state and its citizens. Bill is now leaving the Colorado State Legislature after serving since 1993, and I can think of no better way to celebrate Bill’s retirement than to honor his many achievements before this body of congress, and this nation.

Educated in Canon City and now living in Pueblo, Bill has not only experienced the best the state has to offer but also has been inspired to give back to the state and its people. He has served in both the House and the Senate as both an appointee and an elected official. During his time in the Colorado General Assembly he has served on countless committees and dedicated countless hours to improving the lives of Coloradoans. Most notably he has diligently served as the Senate Majority Leader and has selflessly given his time to the Legislative Councils Subcommittee on Sexual Harassment, the Criminal Justice Commission, the Governor’s Job Training Coordination Council, the Federal Budget Task Force, and the Task Force on Worker’s Compensation Premium Rate Increases. In addition he has worked on the issues of election reform, worker’s rights, and children’s rights.

When Bill is not working in the General Assembly he is serving in his other roles as loving husband and devoted father of an amazing fifteen children.

Mr. Speaker, its clear that Bill Thiebaut is a man of dedication and commitment to his state and its citizens. He has achieved many things in his distinguished tenure in the Colorado General Assembly, and I am honored to be able to bring his hard work and dedication to the attention of this body of congress. It is my privilege to be able to express to him, and to this country, my gratitude for all that he has done for our wonderful state, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.