What’s Colorado’s piece of the $18.5 billion sci-tech stimulus pie?

As President-elect Barack Obama fills his administration with lions of the scientific world comes more potential good news for the state on the proposed federal economic stimulus package.

While Colorado will most certainly belly up to capture desperately needed transportation dollars and energy project funding, we’re actually in a much better position to scoop up the estimated $18.5 billion in science and technology investments [PDF] proposed Thursday by the House Appropriations Committee.

Colorado comes in at the top 10 percent of states on a host of ranking systems around technology transfer economic development projects, a good reputation for efficient funding of bench-to-market innovations and high concentrations of scientists and engineers, among other measures.

Roads without potholes are a lovely idea — I know my car’s suspension would appreciate it — but what could the state’s universities, private research labs, innovators and well-positioned federal science agencies do for Colorado’s economic fortunes with some big thinking from the governor and lawmakers?


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