Bradford thanks Buescher for losing election

Pink lemonade-swilling GOP state Rep. Laura Bradford’s answers to the typically bland Colorado Statesman freshman survey offer up a couple of unexpected doozies between listings of her favorite book, pets’ names and who was responsible for campaign-season attack ads.

Though there are some wacky conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, I think everybody is in agreement that he is, in fact, dead.

So I doubt Bradford’s response that JFK is her most admired living political figure from the opposite party was anything more than a simple misreading of the question.

The lawmaker from the state’s self-described Peach Capital lists her favorite book as “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. That seems like a perfectly reasonable choice until one comes across the answer to another question that’s a bit more breathtaking in its sheer nastiness.

Question: “Legislator (current or former) most instrumental in helping you win your election this year?”
Response: “My opponent, Bernie Buescher”

Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark.