TV bounty-hunter sidekick investigates Haggard scandal

Colorado Springs bail bondsman Bobby Brown is now on a self-appointed case to smoke out the unnamed victims of ex-New Life Church Pastor Ted Haggard’s sexual misconduct.

Can this saga get any more ludicrous?

Brown tells The Colorado Springs Gazette that he has proof of seven more claims of inappropriate relationships involving Haggard and intends to go public with them. He’s also expanding his gumshoeing with a probe into New Life’s “compassionate assistance” financial settlement to the latest victim, Grant Haas.

A long-time colorful character in Colorado Springs, Brown has appeared on the controversial A&E Channel television reality show, “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

Reports the Gazette, with incredible restraint in this tawdry mess:

Brown’s income from his bail bonds business and bounty hunting on “Dog the Bounty Hunter” earn him enough money to do pro bono investigations, sometimes on cases that have helped the Colorado Springs Police and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department.

His investigation into Haggard and New Life is another pro bono job. His goal, he says, is simple:

“It is my passion to bring all this to light,” he said. “My personal belief is that no one is above the law. I have no an [sic] ax to grind. I want to present the truth.”

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