Ritter responds to GOP on Gitmo: ‘They’re just making stuff up’

Gov. Bill Ritter’s office pulled no punches Tuesday morning in responding to a report that the communication arm of the Colorado Senate Minority Office edited a radio interview to make it seem as though Ritter had changed his position on housing Guantanamo detainees in Colorado. “They’re just making stuff up,” Ritter spokesman Evan Dreyer wrote in an e-mail to the Colorado Independent. “Nothing new for them, though.”

The spliced ColoradoSenateNews.com version of Monday’s interview with the governor on the Mike Rosen show is a 23-second audio clip that portrays Ritter as having capitulated to his critics, prepared to ship Gitmo detainees off to Pakistan. The audio distributed by the partisan Republican operation snips out more than 150 words that make clear Rosen and Ritter were discussing a particular group of detainees, held “without any basis,” who can’t be returned to their home countries, yet are too dangerous to release in the United States.

More from the governor’s office:

President Obama is trying to clean up bad decisions and failed policies left behind by President Bush, and Colorado’s GOP lawmakers are still trying to fight Bush’s old fights.

Memo to Republican lawmakers: “The election is over, and your guy lost. Time to move on.”

They’re trying to turn a hypothetical into a partisan football instead of focusing on the biggest issue facing this state: the economy.

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