‘Peeing on infernos’ won’t solve climate change

The environmental blog Grist Mill is calling out the purveyors of the latest mealy-mouthed solution to global climate change who argue that “innovation” will save us from having to make tough political decisions.

In “Peeing on Infernos: Dueling NPR stories illustrate surreal disconnect around climate discussion,” David Roberts calls it like he sees it:

Two NPR stories illustrate one of the most frustrating things about the climate debate. First there’s this one, which makes the important and necessary point that the climate problem — or specifically, the “reducing emissions enough to stabilize the climate” problem — is much, much bigger than most people understand, and that we’re going to have to spend trillions of dollars in coming years if we want to save our asses.

Great, right?

Then the following day we get part two of the story, which says that the sheer size and severity of the problem mean we need a new approach. What new approach? Well, according to Dan Sarewitz of Arizona State University, we need to “invent our way out of the problem.” Huh? Apparently, that means we don’t want any of those nasty, politically difficult policies that raise the price of dirty energy. Those are too hard. “Doomed,” he says.

And that’s just Robert’s warm up. Seriously. Go, read the rest.

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