Perlmutter sets telephone town hall to discuss federal stimulus package

If the phone rings after dinner on Tuesday night and the Caller I.D. reads “U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter,” you might want to pick up the phone because, odds are, it’s not a crank call.

The 7th District Democrat has scheduled an hour-long telephone town hall for Tuesday evening to discuss “economic challenges, relief efforts and recovery proposals in Congress.” It’ll be the fourth time Perlmutter has used the technology — basically a gargantuan conference call — to reach thousands of constituents to talk for a while and then take questions.

Before the town hall Perlmutter’s office sent postcards and e-mails to 50,000 constituents letting them know they’d be getting a call Tuesday night and could participate by pressing some digits on their phone. His staff plans to post an audio recording of the call on Perlmutter’s Web site later this week.

In December, The Colorado Independent live-blogged Perlmutter’s last telephone town hall, which had as many as 3,000 people on at one time, about the financial crisis and bailout legislation. We’ll be doing the same Tuesday night.

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