Balmer beseeches ‘most humble colleagues’ at Ye Olde State Capitol

Suddenly it makes sense that state Rep. David Balmer didn’t have any e-mails to turn over to the House Ethics Committee last month. Now, if they’d only asked for edicts and proclamations. …

In an accent best described as mid-Monty Python, the Centennial Republican on Monday gave members of the Colorado House the respect House Speaker Terrance Carroll recently demanded, and then some.

“Mr. Speaker. Your Excellency, the most High Speaker, Protector of the This Chamber, Protector of Our Most Sovereign State of Colorado and Defender of the Faith,” Balmer began, reading his own version of a standard procedural motion. “My Lords and My Ladies, I pray, Lend me Thine Ears.”

Three beseeches and a ye or two later, Balmer had ’em rolling in the aisles as he asked legislators “to approve the Most Worthy Journal as corrected by the most Honorable and Most Loyal Chief Clerk of the August House of Representatives.”

Read the full speech here.

It really must be seen to be — well, believed isn’t quite the right word, but in any case, Square State’s johne grabbed the video:

The oration wasn’t in response to Carroll’s ruling Friday that “all lobbyists, governor’s staff, executive staff, visitors, Capitol staff and press’ show some respect by use [sic] representatives’ proper titles,” Balmer told the Denver Post’s Jessica Fender. “I just decided to make it a little more fun today and hearken back to our great orators,” Balmer said.

“Can we do the part again about me being excellent, and all that stuff?” Carroll, a Democrat, asked once Balmer had finished.

Not everyone was amused.

Amid comments posting favorite lines from “Henry V” — without exactly comparing that to Balmer’s jibe — was one Denver Post reader’s take: “Get to work. There’s plenty enough needing attention without wasting time being cute for the press.”