Schaffer has a ‘passion for margaritas’ — hawks ‘capitalism in a bottle’

In an attempt to “liberate the world from bland margaritas,” former congressman and failed Senate candidate Bob Schaffer is hawking his wife’s pre-mixed margarita blend, Coyote Gold, dubbed “The Microbrew of Margaritas.” The thing is, Schaffer writes on his Twitter feed, “Coyote Gold isn’t beer. It’s the best margarita there is. No mixing. Just pour and enjoy.”

Not only that, Schaffer describes the family margarita blend in positively patriotic terms: “A stimulus package that works! Capitalism in a bottle. Liquid liberty.”

The “silky, smooth concoction” debuted Friday with a launch party and “special tasting event” at Aurora’s Stampede, winning raves, according to Schaffer, a Fort Collins Republican:

The rave all weekend at the Denver Stampede was Lynn: “You’ll never tast anything like it. It’s fabulous.”

Fabulous it may be, but isn’t there a story behind this 37-proof libation?

Meet Maureen [Schaffer, Bob’s wife] and Randy [Zwetzig], two engineers from Fort Collins, Colorado. Inspired by their love of south-of-the-border libations, they originally developed the Coyote Gold™ recipe to satisfy their passion for a great margarita. Friends loved the silky, smooth concoction and dubbed it “The Microbrew of Margaritas!” Word spread quickly, and soon the pair began receiving requests for their great-tasting margaritas for parties, weddings, and gatherings across Colorado and around the country. They formed Rest & Relaxation, LLC to satisfy their growing following of Coyote Gold™ lovers and liberate the world from bland margaritas

Coyote Gold, the pre-mixed margarita featuring "100% genuine tequila" (Image/
Coyote Gold (Image/
Worry not, margarita lovers, this potent potable, “custom blended with 100% genuine tequila” (as opposed to the imitation stuff?) is available at fine liquor stores and restaurants throughout Colorado. Prefer to have it delivered? Order online from Total Beverage, a Thornton company that ships nationwide — except to 19 states and “certain dry counties in Texas” — for $21.98 per 1.75-liter bottle, plus shipping.

Schaffer, who plasters the Coyote Gold logo (we must admit, that frosty glass and perfect lime wedge have us salivating) behind his Twitter feed, currently sits as chairman of the state Board of Education, as his current bio attests:

Chairman, State Board of Education. Fmr. US Congressman and State Senator. Enjoy Coyote Gold premium margaritas and tell others. A Schaffer business.

And don’t forget — drink responsibly, know when to say when, designate a driver, and lay to rest those rumors Schaffer might make a third bid for the U.S. Senate in 2010.

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