Obama High? Boulder students say, ‘No, we can’t’

President Obama is riding high. He won over Congress on the stimulus last week and has been touring the nation to convince voters of the need to pass a bank bill, planning a stop in Denver Tuesday. If the national news that broke last night from Boulder is any indication, though, he’s going to have to do more than flash the winning smile.

The splash story at the top of the Boulder Daily Camera this morning and a “hot” story on its Web site is that a student group petitioning to change the name of Boulder High to Barack Obama High spurred a backlash that overflowed from the pages of Facebook into the halls of the school, forcing the group to withdraw the petition.

“We have realized that we made a gross error in our understanding of the significance of the Boulder High School name,” the leader of the group told a classroom packed with TV cameras, students and community members.

The media-shocked group now says it will turn its attention to getting the school to compost food leftovers.

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