Energy astroturf group pans climate initiative, quits terrorism sneers

Jim Sims and his merry band of Golden-based oil and gas industry lobbyists are at it again, firing off a report Tuesday that attacks the Western Climate Initiative as potentially crippling to the nation’s electrical grid, not to mention the economy.

Sims, also behind an Astroturf group called Americans for American Energy that questioned the patriotism of environmentalists for seeking greater restrictions on the “drill, baby, drill” crowd, blasts the latest legislative efforts by seven Western governors and four Canadian provincial premiers.

Sims appears to have toned down the rhetoric a bit, now that he’s taking on Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and others who want to cut regional greenhouse gas emissions by about 15 percent in the next 12 years.

Instead of arguing that the Governator and his Western Climate Initiative aids and abets known terrorists, as he did with Americans for American Energy, Sims and his Western Business Roundtable argue traditional energy sector jobs will be lost in droves.

Thing is, with the economy tanking and natural gas and oil prices plummeting anyway, the industry already is losing jobs en masse.


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