Conservatives plan stimulus ‘tea party’ protest at state Capitol

There’s no harbor involved, nor crates, and nary a Narragansett to be found in these parts, but peeved Colorado conservatives are planning a “tea party” of sorts Friday to protest the federal stimulus package.

Billed as the “Denver Tea Party” the event is part of a nationwide effort to simultaneously rally against the stimulus and invoke Boston Tea Party agitator and conservative icon Samuel Adams in one fell swoop. Kismet!

Except as one party pooper on the DC Tea Party Facebook page points out, Adams and crew masquerading as Mohawks “were committing an act of insurrection, not political theater”:

I wonder, what are we expecting to achieve from these protests? Are we content to merely register our disapproval, or are we seeking to change what Congress and our president have done? If it is the former, I’m sure the politicians will note our objection, and wait for us to quiet down. If it is the latter, I fear our current protests are too scatter-shot to do any real good.

What is the target of our protest? Are we protesting the President and Congress for an act already passed, or are we petitioning our state and local governments to refuse to accept the stimulus money?

What do we do if these protests do not result in the change in policies we are asking for? What happens next?

The Denver details are still a bit skimpy, but look for two hours of fiscal acrimony to begin at 10 a.m. on the eastern steps of the state capitol facing Grant Avenue. The western steps, which traditionally hold public assemblies, is already reserved for the lunchtime swearing-in of Lt. Col. James Wolfinbarger. As the new Colorado State Patrol chief, Wolfinbarger will administer a portion of the state’s allocation from the $4 billion in federal stimulus projects for local law enforcement.

Don’t tell the conservative law-and-order tea partiers lest they start bawling into their Earl Gray for demanding the state turn down money to catch bad guys.


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