GOP, Christian legal group misleads on N.M. domestic partner poll

A poll commissioned by the New Mexico Republican Party with an ideological assist from the Christian legal team at the Alliance Defense Fund is fueling voter confusion over a domestic partnership bill before the state Legislature in Santa Fe.

Our New Mexico Independent colleague Trip Jennings reports:

The poll, commissioned by the state GOP, found that more New Mexicans were in favor of domestic partnerships (47 percent) than opposed (42 percent). But that support fell when individuals were asked a question that erroneously equated domestic partnerships with same-sex marriage, with 52 percent opposing domestic partnerships compared to 42 percent supporting it.

That latter poll question specifically misstated how same-sex marriage became state law in two other states, judging from a handout given to reporters.

Obfuscating on public opinion polls is the oldest trick in the book. Where this tale gets a bit more interesting is the heap of sketchy tactics employed by the biblical law-infused ADF, a spin-off group founded in part by James Dobson of Focus on the Family, that claims to be fighting a war on religious freedom to allow “people of faith to live and proclaim the Gospel.”

Except, we’ve documented a number of instances where ADF’s “truth” is a bit different than reality — including encouraging pastors to flaunt federal law and offer political endorsements from the pulpit in order to incite an ideological showdown between religious conservatives and the government.

One way or another, using gay and lesbian Americans or evangelical pastors as political cannon fodder doesn’t seem to be especially reverential as a legal tactic. Here’s hoping New Mexicans get the real truth.

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