Sarah PAC denies Palin polling in Iowa

Welcome to the Möbius strip that is the Iowa presidential caucus.

Our Iowa Independent colleague Chase Martyn has the skinny on recent pre-, pre-, pre-caucus favorability polling on Sarah Palin.

Today, Martyn follows up on the collective head-scratching caused by the automated presidential toe-dipping poll that asks:

• Do you have a favorable opinion of Sarah Palin?
• Gov. Palin thinks A, B, C, D & E do you agree with Gov. Palin?
• Do you feel it is important that Gov. Palin is reelected as Gov. of Alaska?

Martyn writes: “Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s political action committee claimed today that the recorded phone calls that were received by voters in Iowa and New Hampshire recently were paid for by someone else” and quotes the PAC’s statement:

Recently, there have been some pollsters or pitchmen trading on the Sarah Palin name – taking a pulse on the Governor’s favorability. None of these polls are authorized by SarahPAC or the Governor. Again, SarahPAC is not doing any telephone solicitation at this time.

Martyn speculates that a few of Palin’s gubernatorial pals — namely Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty and Mark Sanford of South Carolina — may be sizing up the Alaska governor’s political staying power with voters while they quietly assemble campaign teams for a 2010 presidential run.

Stay tuned.

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