Sen. Kevin Lundberg plays a great Gen. Buck Turgidson

Ah ha!

Is it possible the Colorado Senate Republicans have been having fun with us all? That this crazy legislative session has all been a go at tongue-in-cheek acting on their part? That they’re merely playing at over-the-top local politicians?

Think about it: The clumsy quoting of Scripture! The whack confused morality! The circus sideshow of loopy fellow travelers!

Recent evidence: The lot of them are now battling auto-emissions testing, another chance to just say no! They’re saying their constituents don’t live in yucky Denver, and that the air where they live passes government standards just fine and that that’s good enough for them.

Ha! Everyone knows that just a little cleaner air all around is better for everyone and that taking “the drastic step of expanding the Denver area’s unpopular and unwieldy program” to northern Colorado is not drastic and won’t be very unwieldy. So the GOP opposition is a joke, right?

Yes, it must be. The blustery way-out rhetoric used to argue against it tips us off. I mean, Sen. Kevin Lundberg from Berthoud? He’s just a master at this comic improv playacting.

Here he is playing a puffed-up yokel politician sounding off against tail-pipe testing in the high-flown cold-war style of Gen. “Buck” Turginson in “Dr. Strangelove”:

“If the old Soviet Union had cared about air quality, its program would have been run like the one in Denver!”

Fantastic! Here’s where the GOP’s “Colorado Senate News” reporter joins the act:

“The Republican senators say the bill may be an abstraction to a lot of the public right now, but that is the calm before the storm.”

Senate watchers, I ask you: Do the Strangelove War Room exchanges below strike any chords?

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