Warning to teabaggers: Don’t let those leftists make a monkey out of you!

Conservative Colorado blogger Ross Kaminsky helpfully posts a flier at FreedomWorks advising “how to deal with leftists who may try to disrupt a Tea Party,” especially those pesky leftists with video cameras hoping to embarrass teabaggers for the world to see.

Under the heading “DON’T BE DUPED!” the flier warns against falling into the familiar trap of failing to understand the meaning of the words you’ve picked to describe your political movement:

The term “teabagging” has strong sexual connotations.

Be wary of anyone with a camera asking you if you are a “teabagger” or if you enjoy “teabagging” or similar leading questions – they are trying to make a fool of you.

That’s not all.

Interviewers might also ask questions designed to show you are uneducated and ignorant. If you don’t know an answer to what they ask you, be honest and say that you don’t know. [emphasis in original]

Why do left-wingers do this? It’s because they’re afraid, according to the flier.

The Netroots/Progressive Left is frightened by the groundswell of grassroot support for small government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, and liberty embodied by the Tea Parties.

Acting on this fear, the Huffington Post and other netroots websites are sending out citizen journalists equipped with video cameras to document instances of racism, bigotry, and other stupidity, to reinforce their own hate and bigotry towards us and persuade others to dismiss the Tea Party movement.

How best to handle frightened leftists? Sort of the way you would when a deranged conspiracy nut approaches you on the street: “Smile, nod and pretend that you are interested in hearing what they have to say.” Just don’t make any sudden moves, and for God’s sake no teabagging on camera!


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