Blaspheming MLK? It’s all part of the ‘Tea Party’

Unreported remarks by Independence Institute president Jon Caldara at the Denver “Tea Party” protest may have brought wild cheers from the teabagging throng. But the invoking of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech — after Caldara and crew attempted to repeal affirmative action protections in Colorado — is nothing short of abhorrent.

The blaspheming of Dr. King’s life-ending struggle for civil rights begins at the 4:35 minute mark.

We’ve transcribed Caldara’s remarks below:

Before many of us were born, on government steps like this, a very brave man said his dream was to see men judged by the content of their character. With the election of this president, I think we can proudly and rightfully say a great deal of that promise has been achieved.

We have a dream too. I have a dream too. I have the American Dream.

I have an American Dream that one day government will reward success and punish failure and not the other way around. That one day government will uphold the plain words of the Constitution. That one day we will respect and protect the the Second Amendment as we do the First. That one day debt will be paid only be those who incur it and not bring our children with it. That one day environmentalism will not be a secret handshake for socialism. That one day what government does for one it does for all [unintelligible].

I have a dream that one day Washington will remember that it was we the states that created federal government and not the other way around.

Note the conclusion invoking the “states’ rights” code words. How very George Wallace of Mr. Caldara.

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