GOP aide Milner’s scary sweaty ‘macaca’ moment

He wasn’t driving around in an unmarked van luring kids for a Fox news program and he wasn’t provoking a pseudo-confrontation with university cops to garner news/documentary footage, but Colorado GOP aide Matt Milner is wading in the same swampy genre.

Milner is being paid by the state Republican party to track Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet with a video camera in hopes of capturing some embarrassing macaca-style YouTube campaign fodder — a now infamous campaign trail moment state party chair Dick Wadhams, then-U.S. Sen. George Allen’s campaign manager, would likely rather forget. He got nothing from Bennet at an AFL-CIO gathering Saturday but he called 911 to say he was being attacked by “hulking” union reps who were asking him who the hell he was and what he was doing at the meeting.

The Denver Post reports Milner’s breathless recounting of his terrifying experience with the big men who pressed in around him so close and so frighteningly at that terrible meeting in that terrible place with that terrible Sen. Bennet just speaking and then escaping as if he didn’t even notice that little Matt Milner was there at all!

The 5-foot-6-inch Milner found himself surrounded as the event wound down, he said.

“This hulking guy comes flying at me, and he’s yelling ‘Who are you with?’ There’s a flurry of F-words,” Milner said. “They circled around me. I’d try to move, and they’d move to block my path.”

Milner made the news!

Tune in next week when he follows Sen. Bennet to a town hall in lumberjack territory or to a fund raising banquet crowded with burly ranch hands or to a western-slope oil county meet-up with strong and silent pipe wranglers!

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