Obama budget proposal increases annual NREL funding by 8 percent

Details of the Obama administration’s $3.4 trillion federal budget released Thursday revealed a big bump for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden.

The research facility, which received a $110 million stimulus bill infusion from Energy Secretary Steven Chu last month, will see its 2010 budget go up 8 percent to $311 million — an increase of $22 million — if Congress approves Obama’s budget.

The facility is a world leader in researching methods of harnessing renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and ethanol. Sen. Mark Udall, a member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, was quick to praise the budget increase:

“I’m very glad that President Obama is recognizing what we in Colorado have known for years — that the scientists at NREL can help lead our country’s efforts to become energy independent.”


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