Joe the Plumber on tap to attend Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms party

Independence Institute honcho Jon Caldera is wooing Joe the Plumber to attend the conservative think-tank’s summer Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms gathering, dubbed “the most politically incorrect event of the year,” Denver Post gossip columnist Bill Husted notes. Caldera “says he’s this close to closing the deal to have Plumber (a.k.a. Samuel Wurzelbacher) as the speaker” at the shindig, Husted reports.

One problem. Joe the Plumber announced last week that he was quitting the Republican Party because he is outraged by GOP spending.

“Well, I agree with him on that,” says Caldara. “It would just be fun to have him there.”

You got that right. Among the repeatable quotes from Joe the Plumber: “Back in the day, really, when people would talk about our military in a poor way, somebody would shoot ’em. And there would be nothing said about that.”

After shooting clay pigeons, revelers knock back “a good, stiff drink of their choice,” Caldera intones in a promotional video for the party, now in its seventh year. “And what better way to finish the day than by smoking a fine cigar while listening to the wisdom of leading free-market thinkers of our time.”

Granted, Joe the Plumber may be considered a leading thinker in some quarters, but can he hit a target?

Here’s a look at the Independence Institute’s premiere social event:

This year’s festivities are set for June 20 at the “swank” Kiowa Creek Sporting Club in Bennett. It costs $150 to join the shooting but only $50 for the luncheon. RSVP here.

Check out The Colorado Independent’s coverage of last year’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms get-together, when conservative writer Fred Barnes was the featured guest.

Independence Institute blogger Ben DeGrow thinks Joe the Plumber is a great choice to help celebrate freedom, but there’s someone he’d prefer: “Short of landing center stage for Sarah Palin herself, Joe The Plumber would be one of the best possible gets for this year’s ATF.”

“Shoot it, slam it and smoke it,” indeed.

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