Russians predict energy wars over dwindling resources

Will Sarah Palin, who sort of claimed she can see Russia from her house, say “drill, ???????, drill” now?

The Oil Drum blog notes an Al Jazeera report on Moscow warnings of future energy wars.

Russia has warned that military conflicts over energy resources could erupt along its borders in the near future, as the race to secure oil and gas reserves gains momentum.

A Kremlin policy paper, which maps out Russia’s main challenges to national security for the next decade, said “problems that involve the use of military force cannot be excluded” in competition for resources.

The National Security Strategy’s release coincides with a deadline for countries around the world to submit sea bed ownership claims to a United Nations commission, including for the resource-rich Arctic.

The paper, signed off by Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s president, says international relations in the next 10 years will be shaped by battles over energy reserves.

“The attention of international politics in the long-term perspective will be concentrated on the acquisition of energy resources,” it said.

While the Russians have long accused the U.S. of coveting its mineral wealth, the document goes on to urge a “rational and pragmatic” foreign policy with Washington to meet mutual goals and avoid a post-Cold War arms race.